Perl community motivation survey — results

Perl community motivation survey is over.
See also: Blog post announcing the results, with some interpretations and explanations.


Comparing different groups of participants

We're comparing the motivation reasons for different subgroups in this section.
We split the entire set of entries into two subsets and then apply Student's t-test to find out if significant differences exist.
Confidence = 1 minus P-value.
Motivation levels are converted to numbers by the following rules: "Weakly motivating" = 1 point, "Motivating" = 2 points, "Strongly motivating" = 3 points, "It discourages me" = -3 points.
Note that some responses are ignored to create the more significant gap between the two groups and to equalize the group sizes.


Motivation reason questions are subjective, and different people choose the different scales for their answers.
So here's another way to figure out what's more important for most people: we're checking how many people estimate reason A as more motivating than reason B.
Listed below are the pairs of reasons for which the number of entries where reason A is more motivating than reason B is at least 5 times more frequent than the opposite.

Other reasons


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